Important Changes on Exabytes’ Policies with effective on 1st May 2008

Date: 23rd April 2008

Dear Valued Customer,

Important Changes on Exabytes’ Policies with effective on 1st May 2008.

1. Email forwarding to Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and other popular free email provider

1.1. We will no longer permit email forwarding from your hosted email account to any of the free email service providers (e.g.,,,,,, and so on) or any online groups (e.g. Google groups and Yahoo groups) in our shared hosting mail server.

1.2. This is due to the fact that the free email service providers have now applied stricter anti-spam policy in their mail server. Due to this issue, if they detect numerous numbers of our customers to have set their account setting to forward a copy of their emails to them, and being sent in bulk, all the forwarded emails will then be regarded as an attack the free email account. Due to this issue, the service provider will then block us from sending email to their email account.

1.3. Unfortunately, even though we are not responsible for this spam, these service providers have repeatedly blacklisted our mail servers, causing legitimate emails to be blocked.

1.4. In order to provide a smooth email transaction between our mail server and those email service providers, we have decided to disallow our customers from forwarding their email to the email service providers.

1.5. Hence, if you have any of your user email account that has been set to forward any email to any free email service providers, kindly remove the email forwarding.

2. Custom .dll installation is no longer supported.

2.1. We will no longer provide any custom installation software and dlls’ on our Linux and Windows shared server.

2.2. Please find below, the reason for us not permitting custom installation software and dlls:

- Installation of the dlls and custom software will cause our web server configuration to change
- Possibility to affect our other customer website
- Standardized all our server configuration
- Should you require any of the custom installation software or dll, kindly consider taking up a dedicated server.

3. Reminder: Adult Contents Are Strictly Prohibited.

3.1. Adult Contents are strictly prohibited on Exabytes’ network.

3.2. What we categorized as Adult Contents, but not limited to:
- Website that sells sex toys
- Website that contains porn video
- Website that contains nude photos
- Website that is related to homosexual (gays and lesbians)

3.3. For more information about Exabytes Acceptable Use Policy on Adult Contents, kindly refer to:

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. I am using Google App, can I continue using it?
A1. Yes you may. For domain which is using Google App, your domain MX record is pointing to Google’s Mail Server MX record directly, and won’t be affected by this policy.

Q2. Can I still send email to these free email services providers?
A2. Yes, you can still send email to these providers as usual. You are just not allowed to automatically forward ALL your incoming emails to your free email services provider account.

Q3. I would like to keep a copy of my email at different server as backup, what can I do?
A3. You may download your email to your local PC via an email client such as Outlook or Vista Mail. Alternatively, you may change to Exabytes’ BizGrid Premium Business Hosting which you can subscribe to our Email Archiving Service (Only applicable in Malaysia Hosting).
More info:

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank You!

Best Regards,

Chan Kee Siak
Exa Bytes Network Private Limited
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