Exabytes - Planned Maintenance: Mail Server Upgrade

Dear Valued Clients,

At Exabytes, we always strive to offer the latest technologies and better hosting experience to our valued clients like you.

This email is to update you that we are going to upgrade our SmarterMail Server (For Windows shared hosting and reseller hosting) on the date and time as below:

Servers Affected (Windows Shared & Reseller Hosting Only)
Maintenance Date: 7 April 2007 (Friday)
Maintenance Time: 11.00PM - 12.00AM, GMT-0700



Maintenance Date: 13 April 2007 (Friday)
Maintenance Time: 11.00PM - 12.00AM, GMT+0800


Maintenance Descriptions:
There will be changes on the Webmail Interfaces and many great features were added in as below:

1. New Enhancements and .Net 2.0 Equals Faster Servers
SmarterMail 4.x enhances the performance of all back-end services, web interface code, and supports Microsoft .Net 2.0. This provides better performance and more efficient server operation.

2. Robust Anti-Spam Improvements
Greylisting, SpamAssassin, and additional spam checks on incoming mail have been added to the existing anti-spam measures of previous versions at no additional charge.

3. Enhanced Anti-virus Protection
SmarterMail 4.x includes ClamAV right out of the box for superior, open-source virus protection.

4. Now Scan Outgoing Mail for Spam
Avoid blacklisting of your domains. Use the new SmarterMail 4.x outgoing spam checks protect your network from abuse.

5. Real-time Dashboard and Email Reports
SmarterMail 4.x adds new administrative and email reports and features; including a Web-based dashboard displaying real-time server performance.

6. Smart Gateways and Improved Load Balancing
New smart gateways allow mail servers to send through the entire array of outbound gateway servers to better balance loads.

7. New Intuitive Webmail and Admin Interfaces
The Webmail and System Administrator interfaces have been re-designed with a renewed focus on reduced load speed and better usability. New features like a preview pane, message preview windows, lower-bandwidth component controls, custom skins, and an intuitive Today page.

To have a glance of this new SmarterMail V4.x, you may visit the online demo at URL below:


Maintenance Impact
During this maintenance, we need to take our mail server offline for 15-30 minutes each to perform the upgrade and reboot the mail server. You won’t be able to access your emails during the maintenance.

Technical Support and Additional information
If you need further information and clarification on the maintenance or if you experience difficulties after the maintenance period, please contact us via helpdesk at https://support.exabytes.com/help/ (hosted in US), email support@exabytes.com or call our office at +604-630 8283.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Department
Exa Bytes Network Private Limited

Web: http://www.exabytes.com | http://www.exabytes.com.my
Email: support@exabytes.com
Helpdesk: http://support.exabytes.com


Update: 8 April 2007 12.57AM, GMT-0700

All servers scheduled to be upgraded on 7 April 2007 (Friday) 11.00PM - 12.00AM, GMT-0700 has been successfully carried out.


Update: 14 April 2007 1.55AM, GMT+0800

All servers scheduled to be upgraded on 13 April 2007 (Friday) 11.00PM - 12.00AM, GMT+0800 has been successfully carried out.