Exabytes - MY MailEnable Meadmin Login Issue


We have reverted the webmail for MY MailEnalbe to .ASP as the .NET version of webmail is taking the CPU resources.
This conversion has a cons which affect the Meadmin login
.Net webmail works fine for Meadmin but tooks a high CPU resource.

We had sent a request for bug fixes to MailEnable support and we are waiting for their feedback

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Please request from support assistance if you wish to manage (remove/add) accounts via Meadmin so we may perform the necessary action from mail server side.

US MailEnable side still running .NET webmail.


Updates: 19 Oct 2006 GMT+8

Please be informed the Meadmin login for the Mailenable has been fully resolved. In addition, we have also reverted the Mailenable webmail to ASP platform as we have notice that the new version of .Net webmail is consuming large amount of CPU resources on the mail server during peak hours.