Security Information - Worm Alert!!

Date : 22 April 2006
Time : 1:27 AM GMT + 8:00

There is currently having worm crawling on the internet exploiting the unpatched WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, nuclearCMS and other application which is using xmlrpc.

The worm injected the below script on to the .html or .php or other files it do have permission to which is having javascript that redirected to

Please make sure that all the application hosted on your domain is fully patched and is an up-to-date version.

Please make sure that only file or folder which requires write permission to be turned on to have the proper permission rather than having all or unrelated files and folders to be having write permission.

This is application script security vulnerabilities. Exabytes will not bear the responsibilities if the application is vulnerable due to this incident.