Exabytes - Mail Server Maintenance

Maintenance Date: 22 Aug 2005
Maintenance Time: 11.00PM  5.00AM Mountain Time (Server Time)
Servers Effected: Jupiter.secure-xp.net (
Clients Effected: All clients hosted on Windows 2003 server who are using Jupiter.secure-xp.net ( as mail server.

Description of Work:
Jupiters Primary Hard Drive had been upgraded to a larger Hard Drive on Sunday. After the upgrade, we have started rebuilding the hard drive RAID in the background. Due to the fact that there are many incoming and out going emails via the Jupiter mail server which utilized a large Disk I/O resources, the RAID rebuilding is acting very slow and this had degraded the overall mail server performances.
As soon as the RAID rebuilding is complete, which is expected will be done in another 3 hours time; we will continue defragmenting the mail server hard drive. It is essential that this process occur and be allowed to continue, simply because it is the severe fragmentation that exists on Jupiter that is the cause of the underlying performance issues. In order to let the disk defragmenting run smoothly we will stop the mail services (POP, SMTP, IMAP. WebMail).


Service Impact:
During the maintenance period, the mail services will be interrupted for up to 6 hours. However web sites will work normally and will not be affected. If someone send you an email during this maintenance, the email will most likely queue on the sender's mail server to schedule for resend or else will be bounced back to the original sender.

NOTES: You are receiving this email because our record indicates that your hosting account is using one of the mail server which will be affected by this maintenance.

For further technical assistance, please create a Helpdesk Ticket at http://support.exabytes.com/help/.






Date : 23 August 2005

Time : 5:25 AM Mountain Time (Server Time)


The Jupiter server is currently back up and running after the upgrade.


Email user might encounter some slowliness on the mail server response due to the mail server is currently processing large number of email which is pending on the sender mail server.


The server will resume it performance after all those email processed.


Our engineer is currently monitoring on the server to make sure that everything is working fine after the upgrade.


For further technical assistance, please create a Helpdesk Ticket at http://support.exabytes.com/help/.