Announcement: Windows BSOD - Suse drivers

Dear Valued Customers,
    * * * Only VPS clients who run on Windows OS will be affected * * *
Announcement Details:
Microsoft offered offering SUSE virtio drivers via optional windows update (started on 8th Dec 2015) - which is not working and produces BSOD.
Announcement Effects:
Clients may get "blue screen of death" after running windows update.
1. Boot VM IN SAFE MODE as IDE instead Virtio emulation (from custom config or change field virtualization from "kvm,kvm_virtio" to "kvm" in database) update templates set virtualization='kvm' where id=<id of your windows template> limit 1;
That allow to boot VM without SUSE virtio storage adapter problematic drivers.
2. Run Device manager (as administrator command prompt\powershell: devmgmt.msc)
3. Click "View" and check "Show hidden devices", now you can see problematic storage controller "SUSE Block Driver for Windows"
4. Uninstall device, in next dialog check "Delete the driver software for this device", OK.
In same way uninstall "SUSE network adapter" and mark driver to delete (After first successful Startup in normal mode rebuild network might be needed).
5. You can also verify SUSE drivers uninstall by command "pnputil -e" (there is no any SUSE drivers in list).
6. If you can see any SUSE drivers in list, check which oem#.inf assigned for SUSE drivers. In my case oem3.inf (network) and oem4.inf (storage). To uninstall SUSE driver packages oem$.inf run:
pnputil -f -d oem3.inf
pnputil -f -d oem4.inf
7. Shutdown VM and revert changes in database:
update templates set virtualization='kvm,kvm_virtio' where id=<id of your windows template> limit 1;
or run VM from Control Panel (if you ran from custom config by "virsh create" command).
8. After changes start Windows in SAFE MODE with Virtio emulation (Red Hat virtio drivers must be applied)!
9. Restart virtual machine in Normal mode.
If you deleted SUSE drivers,next time while Windows Updates check it will ask you to download it again. Ignore it.
Should you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our 24x7 technical support team (Department: Tech Support (24x7) - Server / Co-location / VPS) by submitting a ticket at .
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