[COMPLETED] Scheduled server maintenance - GreatWallChina [] harddisk replacement.

Date:   5th Dec 2015
Time:  5:30 AM MST
Maintenance Update:
RAID rebuild process is completed.
The maintenance is successfully completed.
Date:   5th Dec 2015
Time:  2:30 AM MST
Maintenance Update:
Hard-disk replacement completed. Currently RAID rebuild is running in progress.
We will keep you updated with rebuild status on this news announcement.
Dear Valued Clients,

Date:   5th Dec 2015
Time: 12:00 AM MST   
ETA:    N/A
*** Only clients MSSQL database hosted on GreatWallChina server will be effected ***
Maintenance Details:
Server GreatWallChina hard disk were found degraded and hard-disk replacement action needed to arrange.
What is RAID?
There is RAID rebuild arrangement after replacement action, significant slowness on server performance during rebuild process will be expected. We expect the RAID rebuild will be completed in the range of 24-48 hours of range once the disk has been replaced.
Server will be under closed monitoring during this window and we shall keep the rebuild progress updated on this support announcement.
Maintenance Affects:
During the maintenance window, all MSSQL database located under this server is not accessible.

Best regards,
Technical team
Technical Support Department