[COMPLETED] Scheduled cPanel minor version update

Dear Valued Customers,
Kindly be informed that we will start to update cPanel version on selected Linux shared hosting servers.
The latest cPanel version we implement is 11.42.x
Major highlight for this version
cPanel official team switch Horde 1.2 to Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.1
Some of the new and improved features in Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.1 include:
1. A mobile interface
2. A customizable web interface
3. Threaded conversations
4. Mail filtering
5. A built-in calendar with event reminders
6. An advanced task list system
Features that removed
A. Fetchmail has been removed from Horde.
B. Attachment preview with Microsoft Office file format such as xls, doc, xlsx, docx, etc.
Official statement: 
Fetchmail/Getmail like functionality has been removed from IMP 5 
Link: http://wiki.horde.org/FAQ/User/IMP?referrer=FAQ%%2FUser#toc23
Please feel free to contact our Helpdesk at https://support.exabytes.com.my/help/ if you shall need any further enquiries.
Best regards, 

Support team
Technical Support Team