Scheduled Windows Shared Hosting PHP & MySQL upgrade

Dear valued customers,


Maintenance update:
Our team have performed PHP & MySQL upgrade.

What is the possible error?
Mysql 5.5 Password Hashing has changed from 16 to 41. The old password no longer supported.

What will happen?
Any application that connect to MySQL database may get connection error and fail to connect.
Owing to the password hasing change on the new version of MySQL 5.5.

If your application fails to run upon the completion of the upgrade schedule, please walk through the following steps to reset your MySQL user password in the control panel and update it on your application configuration connection string.

1) Log in your WebsitePanel via or
2) Click on "Databases" and click "MySQL 5.x"
3) Select your database user that you use for the database connection then change the password.
5) Apply the new password at your application database connection area or connection string.

This upgrading End Time has been extend to 15th August 2014

Start Time: 9th March 2014
End Time:15th August 2014
Affected Servers: All Windows Shared Hosting Servers (EBiz Plan and Semi-Dedicated server)

Maintenance Descriptions:
PHP 5.2 and Frontpage have been obsolete for many years. As a result, we're beginning the process to remove PHP 5.2.17 and Frontpage from our servers and encourage customers to switch to PHP 5.3.x. At the same time, we will be upgrading the MySQL server from MySQL 5.1.x to MySQL 5.5.x as MySQL 5.1.x will be deprecated by end of 2014. 

The upgrades (to the latest version) will include the rest of the application/module/installer such as:
- phpmyadmin
- ASP Persist (ASPJPeg, ASPUpload, and ASPEmail)
- Etc

You may refer to the following URL for more PHP requirement information,

Maintenance Impact:

1. For customers who are using custom script/Open Source application that runs Zend Optimizer, Zend Optimizer will be replaced by Zend Guard Loader in PHP 5.3 and above. You should upgrade your script to support Zend Guard Loader.

2. Customers who are running old version of application should upgrade to the latest version IMMEDIATELY to avoid version incompatibility which could cause your site to stop running or not showing proper content as PHP changes. (eg. Joomla 2.5 and lower version should be upgraded to higher version in order to support PHP 5.3.x).

3. Customers who are running MS Frontpage should change to File Transfer Protocol (FTP) as alternative way. 

4. For customers who are using custom script/Open Source application that runs the following PHP features:
- define_syslog_variables
- register_globals
- register_long_arrays
- safe_mode
- magic_quotes_gpc
- magic_quotes_runtime
- magic_quotes_sybase

If any of your script contains the above features, you should replace it with alternative feature or reinstall them through PHP PECL as not all features are maintained in PECL.

5. PHP Incompatible changes. If you are using any of the incompatible changes listed by PHP, you should replace the changes with alternative feature. 

6. PHP Removed Extension. If you are using any of the removed extension, you may replace it with alternative feature in newer version or reinstall them through PHP PECL if it is a maintain extension. 

7. MySQL Old-Passwords feature will be disabled and the MySQL server only accepted 41 characters.

8. This upgrade is mandatory and it’s not reversible once the process is done.

9. If you're unsure of all the above changes, you are advised to seek the help of your in-house webmaster/IT personnel. Alternatively, you may contact our Support Helpdesk for more information.

Thank you very much for your attention! 

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department