[Completed] Exabytes.com - Scheduled Softaculous Installation

Dear Valued Client,

Fantastico system has been a useful auto installer feature for our Linux web hosting users for many years. To appreciate your great support for our hosting services, we are going to convert the current auto installer system to Softaculous. We believe Softaculous auto installer system which is shipped with more 100 applications, i.e. twice the number of supported applications of Fantastico will provide a brand new auto-application installation experience to you. As usual, this service is offered at zero cost. Rest assured that it will not affect any of your installed application or hosting services. You will be able to view all Fantastico installed applications under Softaculous features inside your cPanel account. Besides, it also comes with a function which you can import your manually installed applications into Softaculous and be managed by it.

We will execute the installation on the below dates

Date: 30th Jan 2010
Start Time:  12.00AM GMT -0700
Estimated Duration: 1 Hours
Servers Affected:

[Completed] - Barium
[Completed] - Bumblebee
[Completed] - Calcium
[Completed] - Hydrogen
[Completed] - Ironhide
[Completed] - Megatron
[Completed] - Optimus-prime
[Completed] - Ratchet
[Completed] - SoundWave


Where is Fantastico after upgrade?
- It will no longer appear inside cPanel interface.

What if I want to use Fantastico?
- Give softaculous a try and you will prefer it more than Fantastico becuase Softaculous hold more or even double up the number of Fantastico's application.

Will my existing installation still be there after switching to Softaculous?
- Existing installation will be imported to Softaculous and be managed by Softaculous.

Can I perform update to my existing installation from Fantastico on Softaculous?
- Yes, you may. Rules of thumb, do back up before any update.

Can I see my manually installed application on Softaculous?
- It is possible by importing it with Softaculous with the application installed directory name specified.

Can I back up and restore the installed application?
- Yes, you may.

Will I receive any notification from Softaculous?
- For new application installation and available software updates.

What are the available application under Softaculous?
- May refer https://support.exabytes.com/KB/a2794/softaculous.aspx?KBSearchID=0 for the list.

Any knowledgebase link?
- There is and you can refer https://support.exabytes.com/KB/c392/softaculous.aspx .

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department