[COMPLETED] Upgrade MySQL server on Orixa(

Date : 18th December 2010
Time : 8.00 PM MYT

Upgrade Details :
Orixa's MySQL server will be upgraded to the latest version and recompile Apache.

Effect of Upgrade :
During the upgrade, web and MySQL services are not available, other services will still be running.

During the Apache compilation, Apache services is not available. 

A server reboot might be done if it is required after the upgrade, all services will not be available during the server reboot.


Date : 15th December 2010
Time : 7.00 PM MYT

Upgrade Details:
Orixa cPanel version will be updated to latest version in order to upgrade the MySQL server to MySQL 5.1.x. 

Effect of Upgrade :
Minor services interruption is required for each of the services.

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