How to point WIX base website using HELM

1. You may proceed to first log into your HELM control panel. 
2. Select click on the domain which you would like to proceed with the pointing. 
3. Click on the "DNS Zone Editor"
4. You will than being directed to the DNS editing page that will need your side to enter the required information as per below:
    - Point "@" to A record
    - Point "WWW" to A record
    - Point "m" to A record
5. Below is the screenshot on where the changes can be made in HELM.
6. You may proceed to click on the "@" and "WWW" record to do the necessary changes as per below:
7. When the cursor being move to the selected record it will be highlighted in blue. Click on the record and the page as per below will appear for your side to edit. 
You may put in the IP address into the "Record Data" section and click save. This method is the same for the other records add in as well.

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