How to point domain to Wix from WebSitePanel

In order to point your domain to, you have to upgrade to premium plan. For more information, kindly refer to here.
There are 2 ways to connect your domain to Wix.
First, change the nameserver to
NS1.WIX.COM (IP address
NS2.WIX.COM (IP address
Second, your domain's nameserver is point to our server, change the A record to Wix server's IP. To get the IP, you may need to login to Wix administrator dashboard. 
For more detail information, kindly access here.

Once get the IP, 

1. Log into Website Panel.

2. Seek for your domain.

3. Select on Edit DNS zone records.

4. Select "Add Record" for new creation and kindly follow the below records to configure the DNS setting.
a) Point "blank" A record to the IP that get from WIX.
b) Point "www" A record to the IP that get from WIX.
c) Point "m" A record to the IP that get from WIX if you have set mobile site.

5. Finally click on "Save" to save the changes and please allow few hours for the effect to take place.

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