How to install OpenCart with cPanel

1. Login to cPanel, example:

2. Access to Softacolous.

3. Search for OpenCart.

4. Follow below steps to install OpenCart.

Under Software Setup:

- Choose Domain, example: (primary domain) or (subdomain)

- In Directory, leave it as empty if you wish to install in or else it will install in sub folder.

Under Store Setting:

- Fill in your store name, store description, store owner and store address. (May leave it as default, up to user).

Under Database Settings:

- Table Prefix, leave it as default.

Under Admin Account:

- Admin Username: fill in your admin username.

- Admin Password: fill in your admin password.

- Admin Email: fill in your email address.

- First Name: fill in your first name.

- Last Name: fill in your last name.

5. OpenCart is installing.

6. Finally the OpenCart is successfully installed.

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