How to Change Email Routing For Spam Expert

This guideline is prepared to guide user who did subscribe additional anti spam services - Spam Expert service with Exabytes and wish to change the email routing.

For user who did subscribe spam expert server and needed to calibrate or making change on destinate mail server may require to bring out necessary routing calibration to ensure mail service work fined. Step of calibrate may refer to below.

  1. Enter to spam expert dashboard with refer to guideline below if user unfamiliar with the proper login way.

  2. Once enter dashboard. Click on "Edit route(s)" under "Incoming" session.

  3. It shall now lead user to incoming route editing page. User may proceed to click on "Add a route" and complete the require column with new destinate mail server CNAME record or IP address follow with the right port number. In default the port number is 25.

  4. Once new destinate server record successful added. User may now discover there is new icon prompt on the previous created routing record for record removal action. Click on the recycle icon as showed to perform routing record delete action. This could avoid route conflict.

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