How to check Administrative Contact for .my domain

This article is useful for finding out the Administrative Contact for .my extensions

1) Proceed to the URL

2) In the Domain Name drop down box, key in the Domain name and click on the exact extension (ie, from the next drop down box and finally click on the button Submit

3) Then it will return the information of the Domain and you may scroll to the option "Administrative Contact Code" to check on the Administrative Contact information of the domain.


An Administrative Contact is the authorized person able to speak and contract on behalf of the Registrant and must be an authorized employee of the Registrant organization/company.

Only the contact person listed in your Registration form will receive e-mail notification from .my DOMAIN REGISTRY when the registration is completed. All non-technical queries regarding the domain name shall be directed to him/her.

Please refer to the below URL for managing the Administrative Contact the domain:


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