Sony Xperia Mail Client Unable View Embed Image Issue

This guideline is purposely draft for Sony Xperia smartphone mail client user which experience unable configure to view HTML mail function issue. As of current mail client version of Sony Xperia does not equipped with HTML view mode features, hence user may found there is difficulty on viewing embed image on incoming mail. Now there is the way to guide user to make the embed image available.
  1. Open up default mail client of Sony Experia
  2. Select the incoming mail that embed image.
  3. Under the saids email, user will found there is an extra panel appear, which is "Show pictures". Please proceed to click on it.

  4. To keep this setting consistent for this mail, click on "Always show pictures" again.

    Remarks : User are always advisable to contact smartphone vendor if latest OS update have make the email view in html mode available.

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