How to enable Pop up Blocker in Internet Explorer 7

1) Open the IE browser

2) Click on the Tools menu, located at the far right hand side of your browser's Tab Bar

3) When the drop-down menu appears, select the Pop-up Blocker option

4) A sub-menu will now appear to the right and click on the option labeled Pop-up Blocker Settings

5) The Pop-up Blocker Settings window should now be visible, overlaying your browser window. The first section in this window, labeled Exceptions, allow you to specify certain sites on which you wish to allow pop-ups to appear

6) At the top of this section is an entry field labeled Address of website to allow

Enter the URL on which you would like to allow pop-ups here. In the example below, was entered. Next click on the Add button located to the right of this field. After clicking Add, you will notice that the site you entered is now displayed in the Allowed Sites List

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