Connecting Blogspot on the website panel control panel.

 How to point domain to blogspot in Websitepanel

1) Login to your WebsitePanel
2) Click on Domains
3) Choose Domain name
4) Click on Edit DNS zone records
5) May click on (symbol pencil)
6) Create CNAME records and point it to (Be aware, there is a dot behind).  

First Record
Name : (blank)
Type : A
Data : 

Second Record
Name : *
Type : A
Data : 

Third Record
Name : www
Type : A
Data :

7)  Last step is update your blogger settings. You will do this on the Settings | Publishing tab for your blog in Blogger. 
8) Click on the link "Custom Domain". 
9) Fill in the domain name you registered and save the settings. 
1. This only application to the domain name registered under Enom. (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz).
2. The DNS Management is not bundled with domain registration, make sure you have purchased it when registering the domain name.
3. The custom domain name may take up to 72 hours to fully resolved after the DNS is updated. 

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