How to optimize your MySQL databases

Databases is one of the important entities for the website to work normally. There is also some times that the required database may some times take up to many resources which may leads to the website to down or either showing error below is on how to optimize your databases to help your website system to work normally.

Step 1: Login to phpMyAdmin

cPanel: (Shared, Reseller, SEO, Linux Dedicated, VPS with cPanel)

Login to cPanel
- Click on the phpMyAdmin button in the Databases section.
- Plesk 10: (Windows Shared, Windows Dedicated, VPS with Plesk)

Login to Plesk
- Click on the Websites & Domains tab.
- Click on the Databases icon.
- Click on the database you want to manage.
- Click on the Webadmin icon.

Step 2: Optimize Tables

- Select the database you want to optimize from the list in the left column, which should take you to the "structure" tab for the database.
- Select the tables you wish to optimize by checking the check box in front of each one, or clicking on Select All if you want to optimize all of them.
- On the drop down box that says "with selected..." select "Optimize Table."  This will optimize the table and take you to a new screen.

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