Encryption code on Instant Backup.

 Instant Backup Encryption code.

During the installation of the instant backup application each of the users will be prompt to create an encryption code or password. The code or password is so important that you willl need to remember that once you lost the required incryption password or code there is no way to retrieve it back during the process. Do create an encryption password dat you can remember and is strong enough. You may proceed to keep it in a password keeping application to avoid loosing it. Below is on how an encrypted password being created. Below is the required process on how the encryption code being created:

1. During the first time log in you will see this dialog box once the installation completed:


2. You will than need to insert the required log in details obtained once you have complete the purchased whereby there is a welcome email had been send to your side:

3. Once done log in there is another dialog box prompt out for you to create the required encryption code.

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