How To Convert An IDN Domain to ASCII Character

This guideline is prepared to guide user who hold an IDN domain but failed to gain active IDN domain punnycode from domain registrar.

In order to perform IDN domain addon or parked domain process on control panel, users are always required to hold an active IDN domain punnycode or a valid ASCII code domain character. If user failed to recall or gain a valid punnycode from domain registrar, may follow this guideline to generate a valid ASCII character for further domain addon or domain alias needs.
  1. Access to IDN Conversion Tools website. An example (
  2. Insert your IDN domain under "Input" data field.



  3. Press "Convert" button after data insert.
  4. User may now gained the ASCII character under result column.
    An example showed below, user holding an IDN domain and the valid punny code is (xn--ukvn91gb4c.xn--j6w193g).

(Remarks : User are highly recommend to gain IDN domain punnycode from domain registrar as the conversion portal have limited character support.)


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