How to Install and proceed to use enter the required information for first usage on instant backup.

Instant backup is one of the services which Exabytes Network has for the client to backup their file on their local machine to the cloud storage server for files security purposed. Below is on how the exact way to install and to enter the first required information to start using the application offers.

Once you have done with the purchasing or trying by using the trial version acquired.

1. You will need to login to your "Client Area" or "Billing Panel"
2. Select "Services" tab.
3. Click on "View Details" for the services "InstantBackup - InstantBackup".
4. Once you are already at the services site you may than need to click on the "Download" tab to proceed on downloading the client application that will be installed inside your local machine or host.
5. You may than proceed to select on the Operating system compatibility to down and installed it:

*Note that you will need to choose from these 3 installer which suitable to your local machine:
InstantBackup Windows Installer
InstantBackup Mac Installer
InstantBackup Linux Installer

Once done with the required installation process below is on how to start on using your instant backup:

1. This the introduction menu which you may just proceed on clicking the "Next" button as per below diagram:

2. You will then being directed to the login screen whereby the information is as the same that your side had been received in the initial email send in. Please fill in the "User name", "Password" and "Computer" which is referring to the computer name whereby the instant backup will normally detected it automatically. Once done click "Next" to continue to the next screen.

3. Here is where the important part required. We will suggest you to create an easy to remember but strong "Encryption Key" which is important for the backup. Click "Next" again once done.

*Note: The Encryption Key is important and please do not forget as I believe there is no way to retrieve it back. Unless you may contact our Support team. 

4. Congratulation your done with the first steps on using our Awesome "InstantBackup" services.

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