Process involved on importing mailbox or items on Microsoft Outlook

Everyone knows that Microsoft Outlook had been one of the most use client email application among email users.

This application allows us to import and export its data either to keep as backup or restoration process this application have the properties to help you on the process mentioned.

Here is the steps on importing the files in:

1. Click the File tab.

2. Click Open.

3. Click Import.

4. In the Import and Export Wizard, click Import from another program or file, and the click Next.

5. Click Outlook Data File (.pst), and then click Next.

6. Click Browse, and then choose the file to import.
*NOTE: Under Options, it is recommended that you click Do not import duplicates unless you want the imported information to replace or duplicate items already in Outlook.

7. Click Next.

8. If a password was assigned to the Outlook Data File (.pst), you are prompted to enter the password, and then click OK.

9.Set the options for importing items. The default settings usually don’t need to be changed.

- The top folder — usually Personal Folders, Outlook Data File, or your email address — is selected   automatically.

Include sub-folders is selected by default. All folders under the folder selected will be imported.

- The default selection of Import items into the same folder in matches the folders from the imported file   to the folders in Outlook. If a folder doesn’t exist in Outlook, it will be created.

10. Click Finish.

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