Update DNS using DNS management tool

NOTE: Your domain name need to register WITH DNS Management to perform below action.
1. Log into Exabytes Billing System.
Exabytes Billing System using following URL:
https://billing.exabytes.com/mypanel (US / International client who signed up via www.exabytes.com)
https://billing.exabytes.com.my/mypanel (Malaysia client who signed up via www.exabytes.com.my)
https://billing.exabytes.sg/mypanel (Singapore client who signed up via www.exabytes.sg)
2. Upon successfully login, click at "Domains" >> "My Domains"
3. Search for the domain name that you want to update and click on "Manage Domain".
4. Then click on "Management Tools" and select "Manage DNS".
5. You may update your DNS records such as A record, CNAME, SPF and etc.
6. After done the update, click on "Save Changes". 
7. Lastly, kindly allow few hours for the DNS propagation.

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