What Is GoMobi Website and how it work

GoMobi mobile site builder is a mobile website builder platform that allows client to create a website designed specifically for mobile devices quickly and easily.

In order to show the mobile site that configure using goMobi (goMobi Mobile Site Builder) using mobile , the CNAME must be set to direct traffic to lb.gomobi.info

Example: domain register for goMobi Mobile Site Builder is m.domainname.com 

CNAME need to update to: 

m CNAME lb.gomobi.info.

Note: Client must registered the correct domain name for this service. For example in order to show m.domainname.com, the goMobi Mobile Site Builder product/service must order for m.domainname.com.

Reference: http://www.exabytes.com.my/services/gomobi/

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