1) What is .ID?

.ID is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Indonesia.

2) Who can register for a .ID domain name and what are the special registration requirements / restrictions for .ID domain name?

For .CO.ID, .OR.ID, .NET.ID, .AC.ID, .SCH.ID and .BIZ.ID, registrant contact must be an Organisation incorporated in Indonesia with valid local postal address. 

For .MY.ID and .WEB.ID, it can only be apply by an individual; registrant contact must be a residence residing in Indonesia with valid local postal address. 

Domain name cannot be pure numeric, and the first letter of the domain must be alphabetic. 

Before proceeding with the online registration, please have the required documents ready. You may below table for the example of documents which will accept by registry. When filling in the information, make sure that all the data entered are correct and accurate; for those documents related data, be sure that they are identical with stated on the documents, ie. the Organisation name and document number. Please also ensure that information provided for domain name application is true and accurate. Registry/Registrar reserves the rights to take back the domain name if information provided is false.


No. Domain Extension Document Requirement
Mandatory Complementary
Identity Legality Supplementary
1 .co.id

KTP/SIM/Paspor (Identity Card / Driving License / Passport)

SIUP/TDP/AKTA/ NPWP–Badan/Setara (Comp. Biz. Lic / Statute / Corp Tax Code) Merek/Trademark/ POA/Statement (Brand / Trademark / P.O.A. / Statement)
2 .net.id Izin Penyelenggaraan Akses Jasa Internet/Telco (ISP/TELCO Biz License) Merek/Trademark/ POA/Statement (Brand / Trademark / P.O.A. / Statement)
3 .ac.id S.K. Penyelenggaraan Pendidikan Tinggi (Higher Education Accreditation / Certificate / License) Applikasi Formal dan Surat Kuasa (Formal Application and Letter of Authority)
4 .sch.id S.K. Penyelenggaraan Pendidikan Das-Men (Element./Hi-School Accreditation / Certificate / Licence) Applikasi Formal dan Surat Kuasa (Formal Application and Letter of Authority)
5 .or.id Akta/S.K. Intern Organisasi (Organization Statute) -
6 .web.id - -
7 .biz.id NPWP
(Tax Code Number)
8 .my.id - -


  • Documents under the Mandatory category is required during the registration, while documents under the Complementary are not necessary to be submitted, but will assist registry is validating the registrant’s details.
  • Document must be in .jpg, .gif or .pdf format only, file size must be not larger than 256KB.
  • All documents must be submitted to Exabytes (domain@exabytes.com) within 3 calendar days from the submission date.
  • If documents are not received within 3 days, the domain will be suspended; you have another 27 days to submit the documents to activate the domain. Failed to do so will cause the domain deleted without refund.
  • If the due date falls on weekend, you are required to submit the document at least one (1) working day before the due date.
  • In case if the initial documents submitted does not pass the registry’s validation, registrant requires to re-submit with valid documents within the 30 days period from the domain submission date, failed in which the registration will be deleted without refund.
  • Domain naming requirement: the domain name must be similar or related to the registrant name, or registrant’s company, trademark, product or agency/representative.

For other restriction on the domain, kindly contact our customer service.


3) What is the length for .ID domain name?

Minimum of 3 / maximum of 63 characters allowed.


4) What is the term of registration?

The term of registration is 1 or 2 year(s).


5) How do I perform a .ID domain registration?

You may submit your order for the domain registration here.


6) Can I delete a .ID domain after registered?

No, you are not allowed to delete the domain name after its registered; the registration fee is non-refundable. You shall be the owner of the domain for the fiscal year.


7) What is the term of renewal?

The term of renewal is 1 to 3 year(s).


8) What is the renewal grace period for .ID domain name and how do I perform a domain renewal?

Renewal grace period for .ID domain name is 40 days.


9) Any Redemption Grace Period (RGP) for .ID domain name?

Yes, RGP for .ID domain name is a period of 25 days.


10) How long does it takes for a domain to release to public registration after expired and not renew?

After a .ID domain was expired, it will go through below life cycle:

30 days renewal grace period → 30 days redemption grace period → 7 days pending delete

If you did not renew or restore the domain name, it will be released for public re-registration approximately 67 days from the domain expiration date. Please note that domain re-registration is based on first-come, first-serve basis.


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