Open-Xchange Bugs And Limitations

Latest Open-Xchange 7.4.1 (As of 4 Dec 2013)

Limitations (As of 4 Dec 2013)

  • OXText is only able to create / edit doc, docx But not able to create / edit Exel or PowerPoint files.
  • cPanel account names cannot be renamed when using the OX integration
  • Starting with Open-Xchange 1.1.1-Rev2 WHM Plugin, the connector supports to transfer cPanel accounts between servers. That basically means it is able to restore an account. The concept behind copying an account in cPanel is that it will be backed up in one and restored into another server. The problem is, that the Whostmgr::Accounts::Create(Post) hook is executed before the webmail accounts have been restored and thus, the restored account will create an context in Open-Xchange, but no users. The only way to solve that is to hook into PkgAcct::Restore, which is what will be done since 1.1.1-rev2
  • A record for ox.domainname is not created automaticaly for accounts migrated over, we will need to manually add in the A record. This apply to parent domain and addon domain.
  • OX is enabled only for top level (parent) cPanel domain. 
  • Email account password cannot be reset from OX web interface, user need to login to cpanel webmail or cpanel control panel to reset.
  • Current email signatures, calendars, task and contact created by users previously cannot be synced to OX
  • There is no control on how many 3rd party email accounts can be added via the OX web interface.
  • There is no ability to block certain file extension from being uploaded via the OX web interface
  • Now we can only limit total OX filestore space per domain level NOT on each email user level. Add On domain will have its individual space limit not inherited from parent domain.

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