Installing and Using the Open-Xchange Updater

The Open-Xchange Updater is a software tool by Open-Xchange that installs the latest version of Open-Xchange client software on computers running Windows. 
The Updater automatically informs users of new updates of e.g. the OX Notifier or Connector for Microsoft Outlook. 
The Open-Xchange Updater can be set to check for updates daily, weekly, monthly, or not at all; 
in addition, it can download the associated installer file (the same type used by Installer) to be installed and maintains a history of installed updates.

The Open-Xchange Updater has the following main features:

  • Installs or updates any installations on Windows PCs
  • Inform users about new available updates


Latest Versions of Windows 7 (each with 32 + 64 bit) (no support of Mac OS X clients with emulators), Windows 8 (no support of start screen tiles)

  1. To download the updater exe, please login your Open-Xchange via, replace with the domain name you subscribed. In this case we use example of
  2. After login successfully, go to Settings and Add Widget, click Add Updater

3. Then go back to Portal and click on the Updater Download to download the installer.

4.  Run the installer and follow the instruction.
5.  After setup complete, on the right bottom corner of the task bar, click on the Open-Xchange Updater icon, double click on it.
        6.  In the Connection, replace with where is the domain name you subscribed.


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