How to backup data in network drive

First, you need to make sure there are no current drive mappings in Windows Explorer to the server you want to map to. If there are, disconnect these first or remove them through the net use command in DOS.

1) Start the Backup Client and create a drive mapping by creating or editing a task, and using the correct account details. The 'Network Drives' button can be found beneath the tab 'Data'.- Click on 'Network Drives' and choose 'Map Drive'.

2) At 'Network source' enter the computer name (netbios name) of the drive you want to connect to, followed by the share name.

3) At 'User Name' enter the username (or domain\username) of a user with permissions to read and write.

4) After you are done there will be a drive mapping with the name of the path and the chosen drive letter.

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