How to migrate WordPress manually

1.  Go to Tools→ Export in your WordPress dashboard to download an XML file of your blog’s content. This format, which we call WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR, will contain your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags.

2.  You can download a partial archive by using the following filters:
  • Content published within a time frame – set a Start Date and/or an End Date.

  • Content authored by specific users. Use the Authors drop-down menu.

  • Posts belonging to a specific Category or Tag.

  • Only posts or only pages, using the Content Types filter.

  • Specific posts Statuses.

3. Once you have filtered fields to be migrated, select “Download Export File” and a XML file will be downloaded to your local PC.

You are best advised to remain the current Wordpress and verify you had the migration done perfectly fine and make sure every Wordpress fields such as post, images, categories, tags etc are in place before you terminate your current service.

4. Once downloaded, You may now login the cPanel Softaculous Blogs WordPress to install WordPress to your empty host service. Just fill up some required fields prompted and the Wordpress will be easily installed in seconds.

5. You may now login to your WP-admin page and perform the restoration, Go to Tools → Import

6. Choose WordPress.

7. Select button “Choosen File” and upload with the XML you exported from previous platform.

You will be prompted whether or not to import the previous Author and it is all up to your choice and Import Attachments which you need to tick on the checkbox “Download and import file attachments” in order to restore all the images and files you uploaded in your previous Wordpress platform.

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