suPHP Conversion and disabling Options Impact

suPHP Conversion Impact:
We will also be changing the production PHP mode to suPHP mode. suPHP is a tool for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners. The benefit of suPHP is that, it provides better security on the server and allows much easier resource control.

During the conversion to suPHP, we will:

a. Update all the permission folders to 755 and 600 for PHP scripts.
b. If you have any PHP_FLAG or PHP_VALUE configuration exists in .htaccess, we will replace it with a php.ini on your home directory.

Upon the completion of the conversion, the following conditions will apply for any future files and folders changes on your hosting account:

a. You are advised to run permission 755 for folders, and permission 600 for PHP scripts in the future. Your PHP applications might NOT run properly if it is not configured as the recommended permission, a '500 Internal Server Error' message might be displayed when trying to browse the page at your browser.
b. PHP_FLAG or PHP_VALUE configuration will no longer work in .htaccess, you are required updating those values in php.ini or by contacting us via our helpdesk for further assistance.
c. Apache functions are no longer available after suPHP conversion.

Disable Options Impact:
Disabling Options (only to All and FollowSymLinks) allows better isolation shared hosting accounts from accessing each others for better security implementation on the server side.

To disable Options, we will:

a. Configuring Apache to stop serving request for web sites which have Options All and FollowSymLinks in .htaccess.
b. If you have any Options All or FollowSymLinks configuration exists in .htaccess, we will comment the Options.
c. The other Options: ExecCGI, Includes, IncludesNOEXEC, Indexes, MultiViews, SymLinksIfOwnerMatch remain working without any problem.

Upon the completion of the conversion, the following conditions will apply on your hosting account:

a. Options All and FollowSymLinks will no longer work in .htaccess. Users should only create and use symbolic link to link to another files which have the same ownership, and use Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch in .htaccess.

We Exabytes should take care of all potential problems, however there might be some unforeseen issues. If you do have any problems on loading web sites after the conversion, please contact us at our helpdesk by providing us the FULL URL for your applications and steps to reproduce the errors, this allow our engineers to streamline the process when troubleshooting your issues.

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