EBuzzzz v5.x - Import Subscribers with Custom Fields

By default, the import fields as below are available:
-Email Address
-First Name
-Last Name
-Create Date
-IP Address
-Computer Info

This KB is for Ebuzzzz client that want to have Custom Fields that not in default fields (such as: Company)

PART A (Create a new Field)

1) Log in Ebuzzzz -> Lists -> Manage Subscriber Fields -> Choose your List, eg.: "MyList1".
2) Click Add Field -> Select "Text Field".
3) Fill in "Field Name".
4) At "For use in area" -> Choose your list, eg. "MyList1".
5) At "Personalization Tag" -> Put in your tag that can be use for your newsletters sending purpose.
Eg.: %company%, then you can send your newsletters with tag such as Hello %company%
Note: After sent it will show as Hello Exabytes Network if you put "Exabytes Network" at company field.

PART B (Import the Field in your current List)

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