1) What is .my?

.MY is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Malaysia.


2) Who can register for a .my domain name and what are the special registration requirements/restrictions for .my domain name?

Special requirements/restrictions for a .my domain name are as below:

  • Exabytes currently offer Second-Level .my, .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, .edu.my, .gov.my, .mil.my and .name.my;
  • There are two common type of application for Second-Level .my which are Organization type and Individual type;
  • For Second-Level .my (Organization Type), .com.my, .net.my and .org.my, registrant must be a company locally incorporated in Malaysia.
  • .name.my and Second-Level .my (Individual Type), registration is open to any individual aged 18 and above, holding a Malaysian National Registration Identity Card [NRIC] or show proof of residing in Malaysia, holding a valid passport.
  • For registrant company which are registered under SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) and Legal Professions Act 1965, registrant do not have to provide for supporting document;
  • You may validate the Registrant company information via SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) or The Malaysian Bar;
  • For other type of registrants, supporting document (link change brand only)are required to register a .MY domain name;
  • Whole registration process must be complete within 14 days from the date of submission to the registry;

Please refer to the following articles for the common registration requirements.

Your Domain Name Selection

Criteria for the 2nd & 3rd level .my domain name


3) What is the length for .my domain name?

Minimum of 1 / maximum of 40 characters allowed.


4) What is the term of registration?

The term of registration is up to 5 years from the date you requested.


5) How do I perform a .my domain registration?

You may submit your order for the domain name registration here.


6) Can I delete a domain after registered?

No, you are not allowed to delete the domain name after its registered; the registration fee is non-refundable. You shall be the owner of the domain for the fiscal year.


7) What is the term of renewal?

The term of renewal is up to 5 years accordingly.


8) What is the renewal grace period for .my domain name and how do I perform a domain renewal?

Renewal notification e-mail will be sent to you at least 14 days before the expiry date. If payment has not been received 30 days after the invoice date, the domain name will be suspended . The suspension period is 14 days during which time; payment may be made to reactivate the domain name. If payment is still not received after the suspension period, the domain name will be deleted and made available to the public.


Renewal grace period for .my domain name is 30 days; you may renew your domain name by logging in to our Exabytes Client Billing System. For further details, please click here.

You may refer to Domain Renewal FAQs for more information.


9) Any Redemption Grace Period (RGP) for .my domain name?

No, there’s no RGP for .my domain name.


10) How long does it takes for a domain to release to public registration after expired and not renew?

After a .my domain was expired, it will go through below life cycle:-

30 renewal grace period -- > 14 days suspension period

If you did not renew and restore the domain name, it will be release for public re-registration approximately 44 days from the domain expiration date. Please note that domain re-registration is on first-come, first-served basis.


11) Can I initiate a transfer for .my domain name and how do I initiate the transfer?

Yes, you may transfer the .my domain name to Exabytes by changing the Invoicing Party. You may refer to the procedures. Invoicing party change only can be performed by the domain admin contact. Registry has sent the login information to the domain admin upon the domain registered successfully.

You are advice to notify us at domain@exabytes.com for the change of Invoicing Party in order the domain can be moved into Exabytes.

Please note that domain will be extended for 1 year after completion.


12) What are .my domain security measures?

You will be given User ID and Password for restricted access to your domain name.

Please also refer to the following articles for more information.

Domain Security Measures

Retrieving User ID for .MY Domain

Retrieving Password for .MY Domain


13) How do I perform Whois update and the DNS update?

For .my domain name, Whois update and DNS update need to perform via registry’s panel at http://www.domainregistry.my/modify.php in order for the information to take effect in registry.

Note: Only the technical contact able to perform the DNS update, registry has sent the login information for domain admin contact has upon the domain registered successfully.

Please also refer articles below for more information under WHOIS Information

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14) Does Exabytes provide Internationalized Domain name (IDN) for .my?

No, Exabytes does not provide IDN.my domain name at this moment.


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