1) What is .name?

.NAME is the generic top-level domain (gTLD) which intended for personal site of individual.


2) Who can register for a .name domain name and what are the special registration requirements/restrictions for .name domain name?

There are no restrictions on who can register .name domain name, it can be register by any individual or business in any country.

.name is a space for individuals’ Personal Name, it may be a name, nickname, pseudonym, alias, or something an individual or fictional character is commonly known as in its own social context. An individual can register a Personal Name, or a company or individual can register a fictional character to which it has rights.

Please refer to the following articles for the common registration requirements.

Domain Name FAQs

Domain Name Extension with Limitation on Characters


3) What is the length for .name domain name?

Minimum of 3 / maximum of 63 characters allowed.


4) What is the term of registration?

The term of registration is 1-10 years.


5) How do I perform a .name domain registration?

You may submit your order for the domain name registration here.


6) Can I delete a domain after registered?

No, you are not allowed to delete the domain name after its registered; the registration fee is non-refundable. You shall be the owner of the domain for the fiscal year.


7) What is the term of renewal?

The term of renewal is 1-10 years.


8) What is the renewal grace period for .name domain name and how do I perform a domain renewal?

Renewal grace period for .name domain name is 30 days; you may renew your domain name by logging in to our Exabytes Client Billing System. For further details, please click here.

You may refer to Domain Renewal FAQs for more information.


9) Any Redemption Grace Period (RGP) for .name domain name?

No, there is no RGP for .name domain name.


10) How long does it takes for a domain to release to public registration after expired and not renew?

After a .name domain was expired, it will go through below life cycle:-

30 days renewal grace period -- > No Redemption grace period --> 120 hours HOLD status

If you did not renew or restore the domain name, it will be placed in HOLD status for 120 hours and will be release for public re-registration approximately 45 days from the domain expiration date. Please note that domain re-registration is on first-come, first-served basis.


11) Can I initiate a registrar transfer for .name domain name and how do I initiate the transfer?

Yes, you are allowed to initiate registrar transfer for .name domain name. Please note that domain will be extended for 1 year after completion.

You may refer to Transfer Domain to Exabytes for more information.


12) Does Exabytes provide Internationalized Domain name (IDN) for .name?

No, Exabytes does not provide IDN.name domain name at this moment.


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