.my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Your Domain Name Selection

MYNIC controls the .my top level domain. MYNIC registers second and third level domain names only. It is up to you to choose the desired domain name. MYNIC does not check for the suitability or appropriateness of the domain name chosen by the Registrant.


Third-level domain

These are the third-level domains available for registration:

  • com.my               For commercial organizations/activities
  • net.my                 For network-related organizations/activities
  • org.my                 For organizations/activities which do not qualify for other categories
  • edu.my                For Malaysian educational organizations only
  • gov.my                For Malaysian government organizations only
  • mil.my                 For Malaysian military organizations only 
  • name.my            For Malaysian individual's personal use only 

These are examples of second and third level domain names:


Third Level:        abc.com.my


Second-level domain available

  • .my          For all Malaysian individuals and entities

Except for the .gov.my, .edu.my and .mil.my domain names which have special requirements, it is your responsibility to select the most appropriate second level domain name.


Example of second level domain name:




You may use your name, brand name, product name, trademarked name, licensed name or other types of name. Your organization must have a presence in the manner stated in the Supporting Documents. Your organizations in view of .com.my/.net.my/.org.my/ .my domain names, your choice of second or third-level domain name should closely match or best reflect your organization’s area of interest/activities. This is an attempt to avoid confusion in cyberspace, as Internet users often assume some implied correlation with the second level domain name used.



The .name.my personal domain name should reflect and/or represent your name/identity which includes your full or legal name (as per identity card), variations of your name, nickname, stage name, pseudonym and others.

FAQ: About Personal Domain Name

For basic information on domain names, please refer to the FAQ: About Domain Name.

You must meet MYNIC (sole party handling all .my domain operation and maintenance) criteria before you apply for a domain name registration under .my.

Please refer to ".my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Criteria for the 2nd & 3rd level .my domain name" article before submitting your domain application.
NOTE: You do agree with MYNIC Policy & Procedure HERE.

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