1) What is the Whois?

Whois service is used to find information about domain names. It contains information about domain names that are currently registered including: registrant's details, registration date, expiry date and current domain status, registrars and the name servers associated with the domain name.

2) Who is eligible?

Anyone can use Whois service to retrieve information on a domain name.

3) What can I use the Whois for?

You can use Whois to see if a domain name is available for registration. You can also use the Whois to display registrant information for a domain name.

4) Why are published Whois data?

The information who is the subscriber of the domain name is publicly available in order to permit an enforcement of consumer protection, trademark and other laws. The Whois makes it easier to track down the legal registrant of a domain name and should therefore help build more confidence in the use of the Internet.

5) Can I choose not to have my details published?

Yes, you can protect your confidential details with Whois ID Protect. For more details, please refer to Whois ID Protect FAQs.


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