Migrate WordPress from WordPress.com

1: Login to the existing wordpress blog e.g. anonymous.wordpress.com
2: Locate the 'Tools' and expand the list. Click on 'Export'

Save the exported file to your local computer as the file usually come with .xml file extension.

3: Assuming that the new WordPress site has been installed on your hosting account, log into your admin dashboard which is usually
4: Once login, scroll to the bottom and locate 'Tools' and click on 'Import'.
5: In the 'Import' segment, you will see a list of blog tools listed, therefore for this, we will select 'WordPress'

7: You will be redirected over to a new screen - Import WordPress. Browse to the path where the exported files is saved. Click on Upload file and Import and you are set to go.
8: Lastly, when importing the WordPress to your new hosting account, you will be prompted to import the author by creating the author OR you may choose to map the entry to the existing user. Should you have any attachment, do check on the options 'Download and import file attachments'.
9: Submit when you are done and once the import process is done, you should be able to see 'All done'.
10: To verify entries has been successfully imported, do give a try to browse to your domain and you should be able to see the imported entries.

Things to take note:
-This procedure only import your existing blog entry to the new hosting account, retaining the date of the entry.
-This does not include the widgets/theme to be imported.
-This does not assure you that your site ranking will be maintained.

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