Change Domain Name from WordPress MU

This article is the teach user to change the WordPress MU Domain Name from one domain to another domain. Please understand that this article only apply for WordPress MU 2.8.x only.

Case Study,

You have installed the WordPress MU with temporary URL such as and you want to change the domain name back to .


Note: Alway perform backup of WordPress MU file and database before performing this task.

1. Log into your WordPress MU administrator, select Site Admin then select the Blogs. Get the Blog ID, eg.: 1.
2. Log into your PHPMyAdmin.
3. If your Blogs ID is 1, you should see there were tables named with prefix of "wp_1_".
4. Browse to the table named "wp_[BLOG_ID]_options", seek for the option_name of siteurl and home, change the option_value from to
5. Browse to table named wp_blogs, look for the blog_id of your blog and change the domain from to and path of /~exabytes/ to /.
6. Browse to table named wp_site, look for the id of your blog and change the domain from to and it's path from /~exabytes/ to / .
7. Browse to table named wp_usermeta, look for the user_id of your blog, then change the source_domain from to .

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