WordPress manual installation in Helm

Step 1: Download the latest WordPress installation file from the http://wordpress.org/download/ , download it by clicking on "Download" button.

Step 2: Unzip it and upload in into your wwwroot folder. You could upload it via FTP. For your information, if you upload the file to wwwroot folder, after the installation is completed, the file script will appear once you visit your website is http://domainname.com

Another option is to create a subfolder in your hosting account and upload the file to the subfolder. The WordPress installation will be accessible at http://domainname.com/subfolder

Step 3: Create a MySQL database for WordPress. Kindly refer to the link as below for how to create the MySQL database

Creating a MySQL database in Helm4

Creating a MySQL database in Helm3

Step 4: Open the URL in Internet browser. Then click on the "Create a Configuration File" button. Fill in the database detail and site detail then finish the installation.

Step 5: The installation procedure is finished.
Now you could log in to the WordPress admin panel by http://domainname.com/wp-login.php

Please contact Exabytes Support if you found you were not able to finish the installation from step 4 by submitting a ticket.

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