DomainKeys is an e-mail authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of an e-mail sender and the message integrity.

1. Login to the webmail, as the Domain Administrator

2. Select the Setting menu Icon

3. Click the Advance settings folder under the Domain Settings folder.

4. Select DomainKeys

5. Click the Options tab, click to enable DomainKey Signing check box


6. Click the Certificate tab, enter a unique name in the Selector field.


Key Size - Select the size of the key from the drop down list you would like to use. The larger the key, the stronger it is.

7. Click on the Generate Key Icon

8. Click Save

9. The TXT Record Name and TXT Record Value fields will populate.

10. You will need to set up TXT record in DNS with this name and value. If you are familiar with the DNS setting, you could login to the control panel to define the record.

Note: You must be signed in as the Domain Administrator to configure DomainKeys. Applies to: SmarterMail 5.x and higher. Please feel free to contact us through helpdesk, if you wish to have domain administrator privilege.

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