How to use the Global Address List feature in Smartermail

The Global Address List will create, by
default, a group of users (email contacts) domain-wide, consisting of
all the POP/email accounts created for that domain.

1. Login to the webmail,

2. Click at Collaborate > Global
Address List > All contact
3. Select the account that you would
like to add to your Outlook (if you would like to add all the
accounts, just check on Display Name, all the email accounts will be

4. Click Add to Outlook

5. User will get the below prompt out

6. Click Ok to proceed
7. For certain Windows version, it might
prompt for the below screen shot

8. Click Allow to proceed
9. You will get another prompt out
windows as below:

10. If you would like to configure it,
click at Advanced button, else you could click Yes to proced.
11. Kindly wait a moment, as it will
proceed to add all the contact to your Outlook
12. Done. In your Outlook, you will
get the below:

* This above process will only work if
you have Microsoft Outlook 2003 or higher (not Express) installed.
Additionally, security software such as McAfee, AVG, Norton may
prevent this from working correctly.

If you wish to hide User from Global
Address List (Enabling this option will remove the user account from
the Global Address List), you would need to have domain administrator
privilege to login to the webmail > settings > Domain Settings
> Users > Edit the User setting and tick on the feature: Hide
from Global Address List

Feel free to contact us through
helpdesk, if you wish to have domain
administrator priviledge.

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