Creating A Hosting Space in DotNetPanel

What is Hosting Space?

Hosting space is a set of resources (services), "piece" of server where customer creates hosting items.

Hosting space is determined by the hosting plan which dictates where the hosting space is located (on which server) and how many allocated resources it has (hosting plan quotas).

"System" hosting space is a root hosting space under which all other spaces are created. It can't be changed or deleted and it belongs to "serveradmin" account.

Creating A New Hosting Space.

1.) Login to your DotNetPanel.

2.) Select on "Customers" from DotNetPanel Account Menu and select on the user.

3.) Select on "Create Hosting Space" button.

4.) Select the Hosting Plan and required information.
For more information on how to create hosting plan, please refer to the URL as below.

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