Unable to Configure SpamAssassin At E-mail Account Level


404 Not Found
The server was not able to find the document (./webmail/x3/mail/spam/spam.html) you requested.
Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this

error to your webhost.


You may login to your email account through webmail. E.g. http://domain.com:2095 or http://domain.com/webmail. In the main page, if you click on the Box Trapper icon and under the Box Trapper configuration, click on the SpamAssasin hyperlink. You can find the SpamAssasin hyperlink as shown in the below message:

It is highly recommended that you use spamassasin in conjunction with boxtrapper as it will reduce loads on the server and reduce backscatter to illegitimate email addresses.

Or the SpamAssasin hyperlink which is as shown the red box in the below picture:

Once you click on the hyperlink, it will generate the error shown as below:


We only allowed configuring the SpamAssasin in the domain level. Due to this matter, we have disabled the user to able to access to the SpamAssasin through their email account. If the feature is allowed for the email account user to configure in the email account level, this is mean that the any of the email account user have the capability to play with the configuration or enable/disable or clean up the SpamBox. This might cause some security issue as it can widely access by the domain email user account.


If you would like to enable or configure the SpamAssasin in the domain hosting, you may enable it through your Cpanel instead of through the user email account.

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