How regular do you perform backup on my website data?

We do perform nightly backups on all accounts. However, please do not rely on our backups. We understand that your website is important, and you are the one ultimately responsible for ensuring that your data is always backed up.
Though we will try every effort to back up all account data on a nightly basis, but there is no guarantee that the backups we have will be complete, up-to-date or even available at all. We are not responsible in the event that some or all of your account data and settings are lost as listed in our Terms and Conditions of Use page.
You are always advise to keep an up-to-date copy of your website on your local terminal which you will always have a copy of your site on hand in the event of data loss.

Please be reminded that we do not perform backup for emails as part of our nightly backup process as a result of email contents changes dynamically and it will reduce down the hard disk life time on the mail server.

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