Procedures to register NameServer with .my Domain Registry(Mynic)
Note: If you have lost your Username or Password, please click on the "Forget Username" and "Forget Password" link to retrieve.

Please refer to the following articles for the procedures.


.my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Retrieving User ID for .MY Domain

.my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Retrieving Password for .MY Domain
Note: You may find your Code(Mynic Handle) for your domain contact through the WHOIS services found at
  1. Login here

  2. Enter your login details and click “Login”.

  3. Enter the related Code(Mynic Handle) and click on "Submit" button.

  4. Under “Domain” tab, select “Modify Domain”.

  5. Enter “[Domain Name]” and Select your domain extension under “[Domain Extension]”. Click "Search".

  6. Under Search Results, tick the domain you want to modify and click “Modify”.

  7. Tick “Modify Name Servers”.

  8. Select "Add / Remove / Change Name Server", click “Modify”. If you know the related Code(Mynic Handle) of the nameserver, enter and click “Modify” again.

  9. Click on  to create your new unique name server code.

  10. You will see a pop-up window requesting you to fill in your "HostName" and "IP Address". Click “Create” if the "HostName" and "IP Address" displayed is correct.

  11. You will see a confirmation message telling you that the "Code(Mynic Handle)" has been created.

  12. Copy the Code(Mynic Handle) of your newly created Primary NameServer from the pop-up window. Click “Close” the pop-up window.

  13. Paste the Code(Mynic Handle) of your Primary NameServer and repeat Step 9 to register for your Secondary NameServer.

  14. Click “Modify”.

  15. The new pair of DNS has been successfully modified. Please allow 18-72 hours for the DNS propagation period.

NOTE: You do agree with MYNIC Policy & Procedure HERE.

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