SpamAssassin and Spam Box on your main email account in cPanel

1) Can SpamAssassin work on my main email account?

Answer: Yes, SpamAssassin will be able to filter off the emails in your main email account.

2) Can Spam Box removes the spam emails from my main email account?

Answer: No, Spam Box can only removes the emails from other email accounts but not your main one.

3) If I would like to use my main email account to send/receive emails, and also to remove the spam emails using Spam Box, how do I configure it?

Answer: You may create a new email account which have the same username as your main account as shown at the below picture. By doing so, the SpamAssassin and the Spam Box is able to apply to your email account. At the same time, if there are any emails sent to you, it will be routed to the newly created email account instead of the main email account.

Note: For some hosting account, you might not able to see SpamAssassin or SpamBox as it is disable for domain wide but it still enable from the server wide.

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