Modifying Registered Nameservers' IP Address at

First, log into your customer account:

- Go to the GoDaddy Account Login Page
- Log in using your account username (which may be the same as your customer number) and password

If you have trouble logging in, our password reset form may help you. You can find this form through the following link:
Account Retrieval Page

Once logged in just follow these steps:

- Select 'Manage Domains' from the 'Domain Names' menu

If there is a yellow 'lock' icon to the right of the domain name, you will need to unlock the domain (steps 1-5) before proceeding:

1. Check the domain or domains that you wish to unlock.
2. Click the Grey 'Set Locking' button from above the list of domains.
3. If you have selected multiple domains click the 'Click here to Enable Fields' link under the warning.
4. Select the button next to 'Unlocked'.
5. Click the green 'Save Changes' button.

You can lock the domain again once your desired change is complete.

Continue with change:

- Click on the domain of the registered nameserver(s) (if the nameserver is, you would click on
- Click the '+' next to 'Domain Host Summary' from the menu that appears to the right
- Click on the link named 'Click here to see details or to modify'
- Make the desired changes
- Click the green 'Save Changes' button

NOTE: Changes to the settings of a domain can take an average of 48 hours due to the number of networks involved. These networks are controlled by many different entities and are updated independently.

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