Editors For ColdFusion

ColdFusion Studio
ColdFusion Studio (now bundled in with Macromedia's Dreamweaver) is the recommended editor for developing ColdFusion applications.

Like a static Web site, a ColdFusion application is essentially a collection of pages. But unlike the pages in a static Web site, the pages in a ColdFusion application contain both HTML and a tag-based server scripting language, ColdFusion Markup Language(CFML). When the ColdFusion pages are requested, the CFML tags are processed on the server, then an HTML page is dynamically generated and returned to the browser.

Macromedia's Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver contains an editor, much like Windows Notepad.With Dreamweaver's editor you create and open files, write your code, and save files, just as you would in any other editor. That?s where the similarity ends. It?s features

* Menus and toolbars provide shortcuts to the most common tags and functions.
* Multiple document interface.
* Automatic color coding of HTML, CFML, and other languages.
* Wizards and templates.
* Drag-and-drop editing, and context-sensitive right mouse-click options.
* Design mode to simplify the creation of some HTML elements(like tables).
* Integrated image and thumbnail viewer
* Edit dialog for most HTML and CFML tags (and you can even create your own dialog for your own tags).
* Pop-up help for all HTML and CFML tags
* Automatic tag completion
* Built-in expression builder
* Built-in SQL query builder
* Integrated project management
* Built-in HTML validation
* Open and save files over an Internet connection (using HTTP or FTP)
* Built-in support for version control systems.

For more information, please refer to Macromedia's Dreamweaver pages :

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