Creating Sub Domain FTP Account in cPanel

  1. Log into cPanel (

  2. Go to "FTP Manager" menu

  3. Click on "FTP Account".

  4. Click "Add FTP Account".

  5. "Login" is exactly as your sub domain name.
    Example: If your sub domain is, enter "support" as login.

  6. Enter Password.

  7. Directory is your sub domain directory.
    Example: /home/exabytes/public_html/support/

  8. Click "create" to add this sub domain FTP user.

If you enter a single / in the directory box, the new FTP user will have access to the entire public_html directory and all directories under it. If you just want the new user to be able to access a sub-domain, just set the directory box to the same value as the sub-domain's root name, which is listed in parenthesis on the sub-domain section of this control panel.

Please be aware that the new user will have read/write access to the directory you choose and every directory below it. For example, if you choose to add the user john, and give the user access to /home/exabytes/public_html/john directory, the user will be able to add, edit, rename and remove any file or directory in /home/exabytes/public_html/john.

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